Ordnance Survey wild night out…..

Saturday July 1st is #oswildnightout

If you follow me on social media (see instagram link in bottom right of page) then you will have seen a few of my recent posts have mentioned this. “So what is wild night?” I hear you say! Wild night out is a fundraising event which encourages us as a nation to #GetOutside and enjoy the activities and adventures that the great outdoors can offer us. It is a quite simple concept that is easily achievable! Now in its second year, and with the support of Ordnance Survey, this annual event will go from strength to strength I am sure. As I mentioned in my Becoming a champion blog, children of today are spending up to six hours a day in front of a screen, be it phone, tv, tablet or computer console. This is a worrying statistic. #oswildnight and the #GetOutside campaign aims to help reduce that stat and get children, and all ages to lead a more active lifestyle. Just small changes can make a big difference.

So this Saturday why don’t you plan an adventure with your family, friends, pets, or all of the above and spend this one day going wild

It doesn’t have to be anything extreme! You could go for a walk, kayak down a river, explore a National Park, jump in muddy puddles, camp in the back garden, go Geocaching, get on your bike, climb a tree, try something new…the possibilities are endless!

Have a look here for some ideas on how to spend it….Wild night out or here for more information..#oswildnightout

You will see from visiting the above links that this is also a charity fundraiser, so if you can a donation would be great too, but most importantly this aims to get more people actively outdoors.

So, you may be wondering what I am doing for this wild night out?

I am really excited to be introducing my son Jack to the delights of Wild Camping. It is something he has wanted to do for such a long time now, and I cannot wait to sit on a summit with him and our dog Rocky and watch the sun go down, and darkness fall!

Believe it or not I am quite a newbie to wild camping, having only done it twice myself in preparation for this weekend. I went alone a few weeks ago to have a test run and iron out any problems before taking Jack. Well I say alone but I did have my trustee hound Rocky Roo to keep me company 🙂

I have to say, the whole experience left me breathless, and as soon as I got in the car to drive home I was already planning my next camp. I camped on Fleetwith Pike in the Lake District as this offers the finest views over Buttermere and Crummock Water. If I was going to witness a stunning sunset and sunrise, it was always going to be from here. I was not to be disappointed!!

Arriving at summit for around 6.30pm there was not a soul about, I had the whole mountain to myself. I am not saying this will always be the case, but it was pretty special for my first time 🙂

Tent up and belly full, all that was to do now was to relax and wait for the sun to set.

I don’t think I have ever felt quite so relaxed as I did that night. Not a care in the world as I sat in silence taking in the view, the silence only broken by the odd waft of a gentle breeze overhead, or the odd grunt off Rocky as he tried to uproot a plant or two to satisfy his obsession with sticks!!!

I had well and truly enhanced my outdoor experience on this one, having walked up and down this and the surrounding mountains many times, the knowledge that I was staying up there and sleeping under the stars was utterly exciting (Gosh, my wild nights out have changed!!)

After dragging out each second of daylight and watching the various stages of the sunset, it was time to turn in and try out my new sleeping bag and tent. Both passed the test with flying colours…..I think they got a paws up from Rocky Roo too if his snoring was anything to go by!!

I awoke from a light sleep at 4am the following morning. Whether at home or high up a mountain, my toilet habits remain constant…..I needed to wee! I left Rocky knocking out the ZZZ`s in MY sleeping bag and crawled out of the tent. Daylight was just breaking through, the sun was not yet up, the mountains around me were still silhouette’s in the early haze. I wont lie, I had a moment… Being there alone, at the start of a brand new day, breathing the fresh air. The peace and quiet, the calmness of it all, I was hooked!!

I was wide awake now with the excitement of it all. There was no point in me going back to bed now, I`d not sleep…Besides Rocky had taken full advantage of the human bladder weakness and stretched out the full length of my sleeping bag. Who was I to deprive him of his pleasure too 🙂

By 6am I had had a brew and some breakfast, packed up the camp and was ready to head down. I did a sweep of the area to make sure I had left no trace of being there. Wild Camping is technically illegal in England (other than Dartmoor), but it is generally accepted as long as you leave no trace of your camp, and take all rubbish away with you. The rule seems to be.. Camp late, leave early and it is fine.

I have since camped again with friends on Yewbarow/Red Pike in the Lakes which again was an awesome experience. However, I do not want to detract form the original message in this blog post, which is for you to try something like this on Saturday. It doesn’t have to be up a mountain in the lakes (or anywhere for that matter), it could be in your back garden with the children. It doesn’t even have to be a camp as I mentioned earlier, as the Ordnance Survey say “You could go for a walk, kayak down a river, explore a National Park, jump in muddy puddles, camp in the back garden, go Geocaching, get on your bike, climb a tree, try something new…the possibilities are endless!”

As long as you are outside, being active, having fun, then the adventure is yours to make 🙂

Have fun and please comment on my Instagram (Here) or my Facebook(Here) to let me know how your adventure has gone. If you post on your own social media accounts please hashtag #oswildnightout so we can raise awareness too.

I have attached some photos from my camps to hopefully entice and inspire you to do the same 🙂



Have fun adventurers






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