The striding edge crossing that never was!

It’s almost 3 years to the day since I last stepped foot on striding edge in the Lake District. Today was meant to be a reunion of sorts.
The weather people weren’t filling me with much confidence with forecasts of rain and high winds. I went ahead with the plan anyway.
My mood always lifts as soon as I enter the lakes, however it wasn’t to last as I arrived in Glenridding to a £6.50 parking fee, and 20p to go for a wee!!
It was free to wee 3 years ago!!
The plan was to head up to Lanty’s tarn, then on to Birkhouse Moor, before summiting Helvellyn via striding edge.

Lanty’s tarn is a special place to me. My ex wife and I took the boys when they were young and we were first getting interested in the lakes. I used to tell them tales of it being a magical place that came to life at night, and that it would glow an emerald colour, with fairies and leprechauns dancing around the waters edge. I was the only one who believed this tale but I told it anyway.
I stopped for a coffee and reminisced for a while.
Once I’d stopped feeling sorry for myself it was on the beaten track once again. You can’t help feeling special with views like this around every corner.

The wind was really picking up by this point and the ground getting boggy, there’d obviously been a lot of rain lately as the paths were like mini streams.
I started to climb up Birkhouse Moor towards the hole in the wall which leads to striding edge. The lungs were bursting now. I had to get mentally tuned in. I thought back to my Army days when we did CFT’s in full combat kit for 8 miles. It didn’t work, I was goosed!!
The most important thing you can take with you up the mountains is fear! It keeps you alert and alive. I have it in abundance. On a few occasions in the mountains I have got a feeling over me that something is not quite right. Whenever I get this feeling I turn back. I have no idea if I’m right with this feeling? I’d only know if I didn’t turn back and wasn’t here to blog about it tomorrow! 😉
The wind was really gusty now, lifting me off my feet at times!! I got that ‘the feeling’ stopped and turned around.
Striding edge would still be there tomorrow, and hopefully so would I!
I decided to take a detour down into Grisedale valley. The views were lovely.

Sometimes you don’t have to go high up to enjoy the views. Walking in a valley is usually quite peaceful and tranquil…….not today! The wind was howling.
There was hardly a soul about(unsurprisingly), so I had the valley to myself. I started to play around with my phone camera settings, here’s the result……




I walked for a few more miles along the soggy track with the wind howling in my ears. It was beginning to get uncomfortable now. It was time to turn back.
I came across this little cave on the way back…..dare I go in?


Dare I go in? You bet I dare…

IMG_8518.JPGCan anyone else see eyes staring back? Time for a sharp exit!!
Customary waterfall pic

I was soon back to the car, and changed out of my wet soggy boots into my trainers. A quick ruffle of my hair in the wing mirror, and it was off for a post walk pint.

So striding edge wasn’t to be, but all things considered it was a decent day in the lakes.
Until next time….Scotty out. 🙂


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