A walk on the wild side

I have been visiting the Lake District for around 5 years and totally love the place. I’d live there If I could, but I can’t so I’ll blog about it instead.
I have a stressful job and going to the Lake District is one of the only ways I can switch off from it. That and alcohol, but that’s a different story!!
So here is my first attempt at a blog. Hope you like it?

A day in Wasdale
I tend to stick the Eastern fells when I visit the lakes. Ullswater is only an hour away from home.
I’d neglected the Western end for far too long, and last Saturday felt a trip there was long overdue.
I wasn’t to be disappointed
I set off from home at 9am in what can only be described as gloomy conditions. The skies were grey and the clouds angry. However my spirits were high, and my flask full so it was Wasdale or bust.
I arrived at around 11.45pm, I’d been stewing over work troubles the whole way there. I don’t recall the moment I stopped, but I’m guessing it was around here?

Yewbarrow at just over 2000ft was my main objective today, and it soon enticed me with it’s steep slopes.

I parked up, donned my boots and set off at a quick pace towards my target.
However my pace quickly slowed as I reached the edge of the car park!!
It’s profile doesn’t do it justice for how steep it is!

Believe me, it’s a lung busting calf burning climb.
Every climb I do is a risk assessment, a recce if I was still in the Army. I’m not though, so let’s call it an assessment.
I’m gauging how difficult the climb is, what risk to exposure is there.
I’m judging whether I’d take my boys there? Some are an instant no no. Sharp edge on Blencathra, striding edge on Helvellyn to name two!!
Others I can’t wait to introduce them to. This is one of them.
I was less than half way up when the heavens opened and I had to seek shelter in a rocky cove.

To be honest I was welcome of the rest and took this opportunity to take in some water and an energy bar.
15 mins later and I was on my way again with the sun threatening to break out of the not so angry clouds.
As I approached the summit it was 4 points of contact now. Hands and feet to anyone not in the know.

This was my route to the top but the previous nights curry prevented that!!

So it was a quick detour to the left which opened up this gorgeous view.


As I reached the summit the roar of a sea king helicopter engulfed me. It was literally right above me but I couldn’t get a photo as it would have meant a lift home in it if I’d reached for my camera!!

Now seemed a good time to stop for lunch and take in the views



IMG_8265.JPG and take a cheeky selfie 😉
It was around 2pm now and I had achieved my objective and summited Yewbarrow. It was still early, I needed another adrenalin fix.
Just to my left was a mountain called Red Pike, it had been catching my eye all day. At 2700ft it towered over my lunch spot. It had to be climbed.
I had to drop a couple of hundred feet down this beauty of a scramble

IMG_8273.JPG which was lots of fun.
As I climbed red pike my calves and lungs began to show signs of concern. It’s a steep climb with loose screes, which don’t get on with my ankles too well.
The summit views more than made up for it though



I was soon on my third summit of the day, and my last. Time for a quick coffee, take in the views,then the descent down.
If I had to choose one aspect of hill walking I’m not keen on it would be the walk down. Steep descents with tired legs are really painful. My knees would agree with that.
The path down was long and winding but every turned presented new vistas like these


At 6pm I was back at the car but weather wise it was the best part of the day. I drove to the end of Wastwater( England’s deepest lake) to get my own shot of Britain’s favourite view.


One last coffee to empty my flask and I was back in the car for the 3 hour drive home. As I left the mountains behind and hit the A66, my mind began to wander back to work!!
And so the vicious circle continues.
All in all, a fantastic day out, albeit tiring. I’ll definitely be back, and the boys will be with me.


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